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Making active lifestyles the social norm for everyone


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What are Active Partnerships?

The network of 43 Active Partnerships cover the whole of England, bringing together people and organisations to increase physical activity levels.

With a particular focus on those who face the most difficulties in being active, they are driven by an understanding of the power physical activity and sport can have on people’s health and the vibrancy of their communities. The Active Partnerships connect and support a vast array of organisations, using their position to influence policies and strategies that can make it easier and more attractive for people to be active in their day to day lives

The Active Partnerships national team, is the networks national charity, that supports, enables and connects the network of Active Partnerships with each other and wider partners across the sector, with the aim of working better together, maximising strengths and resources to drive collective impact.


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Our Mission

To increase levels of engagement in sport and physical activity, reducing levels of inactivity, tackling stubborn inequalities and using the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives

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